Remote Access

Please select your office's access point for optimum performance

Access is controlled via Vasco tokens or a token app installed on your Blackberry. If you do not have the correct authorisation access will be denied.

Windows 7 Users - Citrix

Abu Dhabi Outlook - Desktop

Amsterdam Outlook - Desktop

Beijing Outlook - Desktop

Brussels Outlook - Desktop

Doha Outlook - Desktop

Dubai Outlook - Desktop

Düsseldorf Outlook - Desktop

Frankfurt Outlook - Desktop

Hong Kong Outlook - Desktop

IT Systems Outlook - Desktop

London Outlook - Desktop

Luxembourg Outlook - Desktop

Madrid Outlook - Desktop

Milan Outlook - Desktop

Munich Outlook - Desktop

Paris Outlook - Desktop

Rome Outlook - Desktop

Shanghai Outlook - Desktop

Singapore Outlook - Desktop

Tokyo Outlook - Desktop

Windows 10 Users - RDS (Remote Desktop Services)






If your token has been lost or stolen please contact your local IT department immediately.