Our Global Network

Using our international network of dedicated ICT lawyers located across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we are able to support clients locally and on global projects - wherever the work needs to be done. Our lawyers are able to advise on matters across Europe, Francophone and Anglophone Africa, the Middle East region and throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.

In addition to our own international network, we are able to support clients in other jurisdictions where we do not have an office through the International Communications Lawyers Group (“ICLG”) which was established by Simmons & Simmons in the mid 1990's. The ICLG is a group made up of lawyers from Simmons & Simmons and other law firms from around the world who act for both suppliers and users of Telecoms, media and Technology goods and services. It was set up to satisfy clients’ requests for advice on multi-jurisdictional legal and regulatory issues but it also meets regularly to share knowledge and experience both within the members and clients.

The ICLG is, therefore, both a resource for expert legal advice and also a centre for discussion and debate on critical business issues. If you would like to know more about the ICLG please click on the right hand side panel for the most recent factsheet.