Career Development

Clear career development plans are crucial to both our associates and the firm's success. We are committed to investing in your growth and development throughout your career at Simmons & Simmons.

Tailored integration

When you join us, we’ll equip you with everything you need to ensure a smooth transition from your previous organisation. As well as a formal integration framework and informal networking opportunities, we’ve created an online information platform for new joiners to ensure that you have access to information and individuals within the firm to help you succeed and feel comfortable in your new role as soon as possible.

Realising your potential

We offer tools and support mechanisms to assist you in managing your career and enabling your professional progression, including a wide range of training courses, career development templates, mentoring schemes, online learning tools and action learning groups.

The career path for associates across our regions is as follows:

  • Asia: 
    Trainee > Associate > Managing Associate > Consultant > Partner

  • Europe and Middle East: 
    Trainee > Associate > Supervising Associate > Managing Associate > Partner

Legal training

Technical, legal training is managed by each legal practice group, with partners, senior associates and professional support lawyers all contributing to regular training programmes to broaden and deepen the specialist legal expertise of our teams.

Business skills training

Our specialist Learning & Development team also organises training to further your development. Our promotion schools are designed to equip you with the right skills and knowledge at crucial points in your career so you can transition successfully into your next role. As you progress at Simmons & Simmons, you will need to enhance your business development and management/leadership skills to meet the expectations of your changing role. The promotion schools focus on these two areas.

For more information about our promotion schools, view the video below.

Other business skills courses are also run regularly and you will be able to attend sessions on a variety of topics, such as giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills and improving your personal impact.