UK Government

We have experience across the firm and we understand the public sector at all levels. We work with our colleagues in the public sector as a team to do difficult things in new ways so as to support their efforts, including delivering value for the taxpayer.

Our experience includes:

  • advising on new and innovative structures and solutions to help Government clients achieve their objectives in “first time” projects and transactions (for example, the first PFI deal for the MOD; the DERA PPP which led to Qinetiq and the first Government IPO for over a decade; and creating and innovating Pathfinder projects for Government clients)
  • helping Government clients to manage their stakeholder communities effectively and getting buy-in from multiple parties (both Government-side and third parties) on critical points at every stage throughout the process
  • advising Government and regulatory bodies as well as private sector investors on a significant number of strategic policy initiatives at the cutting edge of public/private partnering, including privatisations
  • providing advice on compliance regimes, corporate governance and risk control: from framing appropriate and practical compliance regimes required to support day-to-day operations to high-level strategic advice
  • using experience of working closely with Government departments' internal legal and policy teams to ensure that policy positions are properly reflected and that there is consistency of approach
  • contributing to Government’s internal audit processes.