Capacitación Laboral

Our Practice

The key to ELT is "not mentioning the law". Our sessions are practical, not legalistic and engage audiences with interactive formats, normally based on relevant and tailored case studies. Feedback is always excellent.

Founded in London in 1998 as a separate team, ELT employs experienced employment lawyers to provide training to managers and HR. The principal focus is on raising awareness of risks and suggesting techniques to reduce those risks.

We work with a wide range of clients. The majority currently comes from the financial institutions sector, including many of the global investment banks.  

Specialist Expertise

ELT's core training programmes are focused on the following areas:

Working environment and harassment

These programmes have supported our clients' overall strategies in relation to improving their working environment.

  • Working With Respect/Managing With Respect: we run sessions of an hour or two hours raising awareness of behaviour that can lead to problems and suggesting ways of managing that behaviour and the risks that arise from it. The messages are tailored to the level of audience.

Employment risk management

  • Managing Within The Law/Managing Employment Risk: normally longer (half day type) sessions seeking to equip attendees in techniques for lowering employment risk in all aspects of their work with people - recruitment, maternity, bonuses, references, working time and stress and transparent decision making.

Specific topic sessions

In reaction to a specific policy or procedure change, or a development in the law, we may be asked to conduct a specific training session. These have included:

  • Managing Your Procedures
  • Data Protection Demystified
  • Working With National Recognition.

Update sessions

Normally on a quarterly or bi-annual basis, we run update sessions (eg What's New?) combining legal developments and the organisation's response.