A brilliant career and a big family, that’s what Carlotta has achieved

22 jun 2018

This article has been published by leading Italian national daily Il Corriere della Sera on 19 June 2018.

In mid-September, the third son of Carlotta Robbiano, a 39-year-old lawyer in the Milan office of international law firm Simmons & Simmons, will be born. The mother of Giovanni (4 years old) and Bianca (2 years old), has been seconded for five years at the Simmons & Simmons London office. Carlotta has been involved in many important deals during her time at the firm, such as the acquisition of a 85% stake in Buccellati by Chinese company Gangtai. Despite the challenges of balancing a great career and a big family, Carlotta has excelled in both. Here she shares her experience with leading Italian national daily Il Corriere della Sera.

Carlotta Robbiano, Corporate & Commercial lawyer in our Milan office, commented:When I moved to the UK and in particular when I was waiting for my first son, I thought that it could not be possible to continue to work so tightly anymore, and I was afraid to look for another job, but the organisation and our country head Andrea Accornero trusted me and gave me the opportunity of a smart working arrangement, which is pretty much usual in London. Today, I benefit from a flexible working agreement.

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