Our approach to flexible working

We are the first major law firm to promote our openness to recruiting new staff on a flexible basis. As a firm we are committed to providing equality of opportunity in employment and supporting our people to manage their own work-life balance. This is why we have developed practices and policies that empower individuals to choose a working pattern flexible to their needs.

Flexibility can benefit both the individual and the firm. For you, there is the possibility of tailoring your working arrangements to fit in better with your personal commitments. For us, the increasingly flexible working patterns of our people enable to us to maintain the high quality service that we deliver to our clients.

''We are committed to recruiting the best talent and I believe this approach will enable us to increase further the talent we attract to our firm'' Jeremy Hoyland, Managing Partner.

We believe our approach to flexible working raises staff morale, leading to improved retention of staff. Our people and their collective knowledge, contacts and experience are our main assets and therefore motivating and enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively is a key objective.

We appreciate that flexibility can be a key factor for candidates when deciding to move between organisations, so we hope to remove barriers by allowing candidates to openly discuss their needs from the outset. Our HR team has actively engaged with the recruitment agencies it partners with to clarify why flexible working is important to the firm and why it is necessary that this message reaches prospective candidates.