Career Development

We believe that career development is about looking at your career in a holistic way and proactively managing its progress. We provide continuous opportunities to learn and develop new skills and support everyone to maximise their abilities and fulfill their potential.


When you join us, we’ll equip you with everything you need to ensure a smooth transition from your previous organisation. As well as a formal integration framework and informal networking opportunities, we’ve created an online information platform for new joiners to ensure that you have access to information and individuals within the firm to help you succeed and feel comfortable in your new role as soon as possible.

Realising your potential

We offer tools and support mechanisms to assist you in managing your career and enabling your professional progression, including a wide range of training courses, career development templates, mentoring schemes, online learning tools and action learning groups.

The firm is committed to developing its staff through a variety of learning formats. These include business skills training (such as giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills and personal impact), as well as a range of e-learning courses and further learning resources.