Simmons & Simmons Represent BlackRock in its Acquisition of eFront

13 Jun 2019

On May 10, 2019, BlackRock, Inc., announced that it has completed its $1.3 billion acquisition of eFront (excluding settlement of eFront’s outstanding debt). Based in France, eFront is the world’s leading end-to end alternative investment management software and solutions provider, with more than 700 clients in 48 countries. In addition to offering eFront as its own platform, BlackRock will integrate eFront with Aladdin, its existing investment platform, the combination of which will offer the industry’s most comprehensive “whole portfolio” investment operating platform. Simmons & Simmons and Kramer Levin in the US acted as counsel to BlackRock in the transaction, which was initially announced on March 22.

This Simmons & Simmons team (across multiple jurisdictions) was led by Gideon Sharp (Corporate partner) and included (amongst others) Angus Mclean, Arthur Stewart, Edward Baker, Simonetta Giordano, Christian Taylor, Tom Fricke, Anna Velitchkova, Thomas Helman, Helen Lambert, Alexandre Vernisse, Steph Featherstone, Buky Alakija, Gregory Heis, Charles Goodwin, Lawrence Brown, Christophe Fichet, Anne Baudequin, Adrien Morisse, Laurence Renard, Julian Taylor, Julia Gori, Andrew Chapman, Sophie Finel, Romain Viret, Nicola Walles, Hélène Choquet, Ayomide Sanwo, Ombline Ancelin, Peter Broadhurst, Satyen Dhana, Ian Hastings, Florent Barbu, Julie Catherine, Charles Hawes, Victoria So, Colin Miller, Aurélien Jugand, Chloë Nessim, Darren Oswick, Candice Nichol, Adrien Gros, Emilien Bernard-Alzias, Tristram Lawton, Catherine Weeks, Stéphanie Zribi and Stephen Moses.

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