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18 Sep 2017

Simmons & Simmons hosts ABHI UK Market Conference

“The ability to make the UK the go to destination for MedTech and thus drive economic growth in a high value, sustainable sector is ever more important as we prepare for life outside the European Union” – this was one of the main messages to come out of the UK Market Conference of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI).

Speaking at the conference hosted by international law firm Simmons & Simmons, ABHI Chairman, Philip Kennedy said that the UK med-tech industry is “worth some £17bn to the UK economy, a further £5bn in services that support it and employs around 130,000 people, having managed to create new jobs at a rate of 10% in recent years, despite often very challenging trading conditions.”

The conference also saw the launch of Simmons & Simmons’ digital health microsite, bringing together a single online resource with expert legal commentary on IP, regulatory, big data, open-source software, R&D commercialisation, investment and consolidation, commercial risk and HR issues involved in digital health. It draws on the expertise across two of the firms’ priority sectors, Life Sciences and Technology, Media & Telecommunications. The launch of the microsite is in response to the rapidly growing global digital health market, one of the most innovative and fast moving areas in both technology and life sciences.

Michael Gavey, IP Partner, said: “Digital health, and in particular the use of artificial intelligence and good quality data in a predictive manner, is key to transforming outcomes for patients and generating cost savings for the NHS. We hope our digital health microsite will provide a valuable and useful resource for those in the sector seeking to understand better the multiple and inter-related legal aspects."

Charles Mayo, Corporate Partner, said: “Big data needs to result in better data, so that patients and funders can readily understand how each £1 spent today on health protection saves society much more over time. The role of the ABHI is vital and we are delighted to have supported this conference”.

The ABHI conference was chaired by Mike Farrar and the speakers included: Lord O'Shaughnessy (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health); Keith McNeil (Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHS England); Martin Wakeley (Managing Director, Nth Dimension); Michael Gavey (Partner, Simmons & Simmons); senior representatives from the NHS and ABHI members, and Peter Ellingworth (Chief Executive, ABHI). A key part of the Conference, introduced by Charles Mayo (Partner, Simmons & Simmons), included discussions about the digitalisation of healthcare data and digital health innovations.

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