Experts "cautiously optimistic" about litigation future post-Brexit

17 Mar 2017

London is likely to retain its dominance as the forum of choice post-Brexit, despite EU lobbying that exiting the EU could mark the end for UK litigation dominance.

Speaking in a New Law Journal (NLJ) panel, Ed Crosse, our litigation partner and president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association, said he was optimistic but not complacent about the future.

After an initial period of alarm among clients—and lawyers—about the Brexit effect on civil justice things have settled down. Clients choose to litigate in London for many reasons such as the quality of the judiciary, the procedures, the availability of disclosure, adverse costs orders, the integrity of the courts etc, but it’s vital that we improve certainty about the future.

“We need to be taking steps to reassure clients that they will be able to resolve their disputes as they’ve decided. Clients want to be sure that if they have an exclusive jurisdiction clause they’ll be able to enforce it widely.”

Read the full article from New Law Journal.

The Brexit master class, part of NLJ’s exclusive webinar series, is available to download here.

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