Anti-Money Laundering Obligations

As a result of the requirements of Anti-Money Laundering regulations in force in a number of countries in which we have offices, we are required to obtain evidence to verify your identity before accepting new instructions from you. The required evidence may include sight of passport or other identification documents by directors or equivalent people with in the client organisations, and evidence of the ownership structure of client organisations, and we may use external organisations to assist in gathering the necessary information. If we do not receive satisfactory evidence of your identity, we will not be able to act or continue to act on your behalf.

We may also have an obligation to report any knowledge or suspicion of criminal activity, or involvement in money laundering or criminal property by a client or third party arising during the course of our professional work, to the relevant national authorities. Failure to do so is an offence.
Invariably, we are obliged to make such reports without reference to you, or without your consent as it is also an offence to prejudice any investigation by the authorities by "tipping-off" any party or any other third party suspected of money laundering. In certain cases we may also be obliged to cease acting for you temporarily or permanently if these circumstances arise, without being able to explain why.