Employee Incentives

Our Practice

A market competitive, tax-efficient and compliant remuneration strategy which rewards, motivates and retains company executives, senior managers and the general workforce has never been more important for maintaining a company’s competitive edge. A key component in this for many companies is the use of employee incentives to reward and motivate staff and to align their interests with those of the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders.

Our Employee Incentives group advises on all aspects of the design, drafting and implementation of remuneration and incentive packages for public and private organisations and the legal and regulatory implications of operating them on a multi-national basis. The Employee Incentives team is part of the firm’s wider employment law practice which combines an exceptional presence in London, Europe, Hong Kong and China with a growing reputation in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • advising a US based global bank on the legal and regulatory implications of operating bonus deferral programmes in the UK, remuneration arrangements to meet the requirements of applicable banking regulations in the UK and other EU countries (including the “bonus cap” rules in the EU) and regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements in all countries outside the US

  • advising a Hong Kong listed PRC headquartered financial services group on the design and drafting of bonus deferral plans (using phantom share arrangements) and co-investment plans and the legal and regulatory implications of operating them in Hong Kong, the PRC, the UK, the US and other countries

  • advising numerous banks and other financial services companies on deferral arrangements that are compliant with regulatory requirements using phantom share plans and RSU plans

  • advising numerous private companies on operating phantom share plans and manager incentive plans and creating internal markets using SPVs and EBTs

  • advising a US based investment management firm on restructuring US incentive arrangements to be used at UK asset manager subsidiaries, on new hire and termination arrangements for senior executives and on implementing and operating manager share arrangements for international subsidiaries

  • advising a London Stock Exchange listed telecommunications company on the legal and regulatory aspects of implementing share incentive plans in 20 countries

  • advising a NASDAQ listed 3D printing company on operating equity plans in multiple countries outside the US

  • advising a leading global reinsurer on structuring and operating remuneration arrangements and structuring senior executive retention arrangements to meet the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority

  • advising a London Stock Exchange listed global engineering provider on the operation of its Long Term Incentive Plan

  • advising a Japanese investment banking and securities firm on amendments to its bonus award documentation to reflect the new requirements of CRD IV and the PRA’s Remuneration Code including advice in relation to dealing with the bonus cap in the EU

  • advising an international investment manager on the incentive aspects of an acquisition including dealing with optionholders based in multiple jurisdictions (including Belgium, Switzerland, UK and US) in a tax-efficient way

  • advising a German financial services adviser in relation to the introduction of a new remuneration system in both Germany and the UK for a newly established legal entity

  • advising a UAE listed company on a share settled share appreciation rights plan.