The Number One Club - TNOC

TNOC is the firm’s women’s network

Set up in 2008, the network's aim is to support the retention, attraction and development of talented female colleagues and to build new business relationships and opportunities with existing and prospective female clients of the firm. The network supports the development and implementation of the firm's diversity and inclusion strategies and policies in areas which are relevant to women.

This year, TNOC celebrates its 10-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, we are looking back at 10 highlights in the drive towards gender balance.

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A brief history over the last 10 years
Article: Women's networks a tick-box exercise?

In this insightful article, Ania Rontaler, partner and co-chair of its women’s network, TNOC, delves into women’s networks and asks a question that may be long overdue – can they really be considered successful?

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To answer this question, Ania looks at whether women’s networks have simply become a tick-box exercise for organisations and if they may promote inequality by inadvertently alienating the opposite sex. Ania also comments on the lack of management buy-in networks receive, sighting the results of a recent survey produced by TNOC which provided some interesting insights. She references her own experience, drawing on her role as a partner in a law firm, and a co-chair of its TNOC, to highlight why these networks are integral. Ania concludes that women’s networks are successful but is not shy about expressing her belief that organisations still have a long way to go and need to adapt as time goes on, in order to really empower change. This article is powerful, relevant and demonstrates why women’s networks are essential to achieving true gender balance in organisations.

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