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When to apply

You can apply for 2020 Summer Vacation Scheme from November 2019  to February 2020 online.

Vacation scheme placements are available to second to final years local students, and penultimate to final year overseas students who are on course for at least a 2.1 (or equivalent) and are looking to secure a training contract with us. Your pre-university studies should also reflect this high standard of achievement. You should be fluent in English. Proficiency in other Asian languages such as Chinese is also useful, yet not necessary.

Summer Vacation Scheme

Whilst we prefer to hold interviews in person in our offices, we appreciate that many candidates may not be available or are based overseas. We will therefore interview candidates by video calls in certain cases, or at one of our other offices if this is more practical.

Selection Process

Stage 1: Online application form
Stage 2: Online judgement and ability tests|
Stage 3: Competency-based interview with an associate
Stage 4: Interview with Partner and prepare 15-min presentation