About us

Everything we do is driven by a desire to provide a better service and greater value to our clients.

That means not following the herd, but being creative and innovative in how we go about our business to find a better way. It's taken considerable drive and determination to get us where we are today, and we know there's still plenty more to achieve.

In the main, we tend to advise large international corporations in our key sectors. We have a broad practice base, with teams that focus on their own areas and clients, as well as supporting each other’s transactions. For you, this means there are significant opportunities to specialise in and learn about different aspects of the law.

Half of our staff work outside the UK, and we have 21 bustling offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We can handle high-level, multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes, and provide clients with first-rate integrated international services.

Our international practice groups are built around local lawyers who are familiar with their country’s culture, customs and nuances. Together with lawyers from a more international background, we’ve created a network of well-balanced teams that can help and advise clients on local and global matters.

We are evolving all the time and continue to grow as a firm – consolidating our position and thinking ahead, which is where you come in. The graduates who join us are our future, and wherever in the world you end up working, we’re determined to create a culture of opportunity and creativity that works for you… and for the firm.