Our Management

Our Board

Our board has supervisory responsibility for developing the firm's strategy and overseeing its implementation. The board comprises:

  • Colin Passmore, Chairman
  • Jeremy Hoyland, ex officio as the firm’s Managing Partner
  • Marieke Driessen
  • Chris Horton
  • Fiona Loughrey
  • Laurence Renard  
  • Arthur Stewart
  • Robert Turner
  • Rodger Hughes (Non-Executive)
  • Michael Woodford (Non-Executive)
  • Kathryn Greaves, Finance Director

Our International Executive Committee

The firm's international executive committee supports the managing partner in the day to day management of the firm. The committee comprises:

  • Jeremy Hoyland
  • Hans-Hermann Aldenhoff
  • Mark Curtis
  • Jonathan Hammond
  • Caroline Hunter-Yeats
  • Jacques-Antoine Robert
  • Julian Taylor 
  • Kathryn Greaves, Finance Director

Business Services

International business services support the firm in all aspects of its operation.  The firm's business services heads are:

  • Simon Watson – General Counsel – Legal, Risk & Compliance
  • Eddie Bowman – Marketing & Business Development Director
  • Dan Flint – Human Resources Director
  • Kathryn Greaves – Finance Director
  • Ben McGuire – Innovation & Business Change Director
  • Stuart Rowlands – IT Director
  • Stephen Shepard – Facilities Director