The Netherlands

The Dutch office of Simmons & Simmons comprises lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers. First established in the Netherlands in 1888, we have since developed a strong Dutch and international client base.

We work together with our international network of offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and advise on all legal aspects of domestic and international business transactions with particular focus on Financial Markets, Corporate, Employment and Dispute Resolution.

We specialise in the legal needs of the industry sectors on which we focus including Asset Management & Investment Funds, Financial Institutions, Life Sciences and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT).

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At Simmons & Simmons we aim to support our clients not only by offering high quality legal advice when needed, but we also look constantly and proactively for new ways to help our clients stay one step ahead of legal challenges. We do this through our online services, newsletters and client seminars (e.g. the Amsterdam Derivatives Academy).

However, at Simmons & Simmons we also have an academic interest in many legal topics. This interest shows in the numerous publications in legal magazines, editorial board memberships and lectures at universities. To secure the level and the quality of our academic involvement we have established our knowledge centre. This body forms the academic conscience of Simmons & Simmons Amsterdam which ensures that an appropriate level of academic commitment and thought leadership is safeguarded. This is sought by stimulating colleagues to write articles and to lecture at external institutions.

The members of the knowledge center [all have academic credentials and] include:

  • Rob Hendriks (corporate law)
  • Rezah Stegeman (financial regulatory law)
  • Bernard Verbunt (civil law)
  • Erwin Bos (insolency law)

We have written and continue to write numerous articles in legal magazines. The topics we write on range from the Dutch Tender Act to DBFMO agreements and from remuneration policies to EMIR reporting. The magazines we have published in range from Cobouw to Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and from The Paris Journal of International Arbitration to Het Tijdschrift voor Financieel Recht. Furthermore, our colleagues have published a number of books or contributions to books, including Wet op het financieel toezicht; Tekst & Toelichting.


Different from most other law firms we do not only circulate newsletters on the latest legal developments, we also store them in a single location where our clients can peruse at their leisure. This is called elexica, our award winning, free, online legal resource.


We lecture at various institutions, including universities, the Dutch Bar Association and the Law Firm School. The universities we lecture at include:

  • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Other institutions include:

  • Grotius Academie
  • Law Firm School
  • Centrum voor Postacademisch Juridisch Onderwijs
  • Academie voor de Rechtspraak

Please click here for an overview of our lecturers.

Client Seminars

We enjoy speaking to our clients about the topics we know much about. Apart from in-house presentations we do so by organising seminars at our office. These can be one-off’s or periodic events. Examples of the latter include monthly breakfast seminars and the Amsterdam Derivatives Academy.