Simmons & Simmons Horizon

  • Do you find it difficult to keep on top of regulatory change?

  • Do you find it a challenge to identify the most pressing regulatory concerns which impact on your business?

  • Are you worried about missing an important development?

Simmons & Simmons Horizon is our regulatory updating service that helps you effectively manage cross border risk and regulation. Horizon is bespoke to your business, providing dedicated resources and comprehensive email updates on upcoming regulatory developments, priorities and longer term impact.

Developed for our clients in the financial institutions and asset management & investment funds sectors, the Simmons & Simmons Horizon service includes:

  • „„A face to face, in-depth discovery meeting with you and our dedicated client team to ensure topics of interest are captured so emails meet your specific needs.
  • „An email direct to your inbox on a weekly basis that amalgamates and summarises the most recent changes. Each change is set out to enable quick identification of issues likely to have the most significant impact on your operations, to help you quickly identify the most significant issues.
  • A dedicated portal on, providing 24/7 access that contains topics of interest, an archive of all previous email alerts, as well as access to Simmons & Simmons know-how and legislative trackers.
  • A comprehensive, quick reference tracker table that contains all regulatory development relevant to your business, as selected by you, as well ease of access to underlying consultation papers, legislation and industry responses where relevant.

Simmons & Simmons Horizon is part of our dedicated suite of products and services to support clients in the Financial institutions and Asset Management & Investment Funds sectors streamline and effectively manage cross border risk and regulation. See also: Simmons & Simmons navigator, Simmons & Simmons MiFID2 Manager. Contact one of our key contacts to find out more.