Simmons & Simmons Disputes Aviator

Jurisdiction and governing law is a complex area for in-house lawyers who continually receive questions from internal stakeholders. It is an area which is now critical for Brexit contingency planning, and the time and cost spent on this analysis is significant.

Simmons & Simmons Disputes Aviator is the only tool on the market that puts jurisdiction and governing law analysis at your fingertips. If you are an in-house lawyer and your organisation has operations in the UK and/or is operating under English law there will be an increasing need to identify risks in your existing and future contracts, and respond to complex jurisdiction and governing law questions from internal stakeholders.

  • Are you able to quickly and clearly understand the risk levels associated with a cross-border dispute the moment you need to?
  • Do you understand the implications of Brexit and the risks it may present to your existing contracts?
  • Would you like to be able to fast track your increasingly urgent Brexit contingency planning?
  • Are you sure that the information you have on the use of English jurisdiction and governing law clauses is up to date?

The Disputes Aviator aims to minimise the time and cost spent by your organisation on this critical analysis and is available via subscription on an organisation basis.

The Disputes Aviator is regularly updated to reflect legal developments, publications and commentary by key stakeholders in the lead up to, and following, Brexit. In addition, our dedicated team of lawyers will be able to highlight any key issues or concerns that may affect your business.

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If you have a subscription to the tool, please login to elexica to access the tool, or contact us if you would like to arrange access. Download our product flyer here.