Simmons & Simmons Netting + Collateral Reviewer

The EMIR margin rules for uncleared OTC derivatives require an independent legal review of the enforceability of netting and collateral agreements and policies to be put in place for such enforceability to be assessed on a continuous basis.

Our cost effective, user-friendly solution has been especially tailored for buy-side firms and will provide: 

  • An easy to navigate matrix format (rather than a lengthy formal opinion)
  • Traffic light coding allowing you to see at a glance the position in each key jurisdiction
  • A detailed legal review on the enforceability of netting and collateral under the key ISDA master documents
  • A written record of access that can be retained on file for audit purposes
  • The ability for users to rely on the contents of the tool
  • Regular updates with alerts sent to subscribers where a legal development has a material impact on the position

The tool is designed to allow subscribers to satisfy their obligation to conduct an independent legal review, but for this process to be as efficient as possible.

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