A great amount of attention is being focused on finding new energy sources to replace fossil fuels (such as solar, wind, biofuels and fuel cells), on developing carbon capture technology to reduce atmospheric CO2  and finding ways to make current energy usage more efficient - technology variously described as environmentally friendly, alternative, greentech and cleantech.

Our team appreciates that cleantech is increasingly important as:

  • around the globe, huge resources are being targeted at developing these technologies
  • the International Energy Agency, for example, estimates that $10,000bn of investment will be needed globally over the next 20 years
  • the commercial opportunities and rewards for those businesses who succeed in the cleantech field are therefore substantial.

Our detailed knowledge ensures that all the cleantech advice clients might require is catered for:

  • we advise Cleantech enterprises across the whole spectrum - from start-ups and SMEs to the established global energy industry, and from banks and energy traders to public institutions
  • we offer advice on intellectual property and patents, competition, finance, governance, energy trading, regulatory, M&A, tax and structuring, licensing, real estate, information and communications technology and general commercial issues will figure very highly in this emerging industry.