Inclusion & Diversity

Our diversity and inclusion policy sets out our commitment to promote diversity and inclusion, prevent discrimination and provide a supportive and inclusive working environment. This applies to our recruitment and selection practices, terms and conditions of employment including pay and benefits, promotion, training, transfer, disciplinary and grievance procedures, termination of employment and every other aspect of interaction while at work. Everyone, including contractors and anyone who works on site, prospective recruits and visitors will be treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

A huge amount of work goes into providing a supportive environment for our people. To find out more, read our CR Review.

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Workplace culture

Education plays a key role in creating and maintaining an open and inclusive workplace where everyone can meet their full potential. Consequently all London partners and employees attend mandatory diversity training.

In London we have policies on diversity and inclusion and non harassment, which cover all the six strands of diversity including gender, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and religion or belief. We also have a flexible working policy which is open to all.  Read more about our policies via the panel to the right.

At Simmons & Simmons, people are supported throughout their careers with mentoring, coaching programmes and a wide variety of skills training, all focused on an individual’s unique development needs.

Employee network groups also play a key part in shaping our workplace culture. They provide members of the firm with support and guidance and a forum to meet others in the business community with common interests.  Read more about our network groups by selecting the link at left.

Recruitment and selection

We are involved in a number of initiatives aimed at opening up the legal profession to a broader talent pool.  Accordingly, we have developed our Access 2 Law Scheme which has provided mentoring and sponsorship to talented students from Tower Hamlets College and Crossways College from A-levels through to training contracts.

We also support the Sutton Trust and the College of Law’s ‘Pathways to Law’ programme. We also work closely with organisations which help us tap into diverse talent pools at graduate level including SEO London, the Black Solicitors Network, Race for Opportunity, the Employer's Forum on Disability, Working Families, Stonewall and the City Solicitors’ Educational Trust.

For qualified lawyers, we are involved in the Legal Sector Alliance where a number of law firms are working with some of the legal recruiters to ensure that diversity is taken very seriously throughout the recruitment process.  We are currently the highest ranked law firm in Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index.

Monitoring and measurement

In London, we monitor the age, ethnicity, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation of our employees and partners.

We are proud to have been named by Stonewall (a UK-based LGBT charity) as the highest ranking law firm in its Workplace Equality Index 2014 for the sixth consecutive year.  Ranked eighth overall, we are the only law firm to have achieved this.